What Makes Copy, Good?

February 14th, 2019

In a world where bloggers and content writers are found almost everywhere, it’s hard to distinguish what makes one better than the other.

Hook Them

I’ve never met someone who reads paragraphs and paragraphs of an article. In an era where the “skim read” is a normal read, you need to effectively communicate the point you want to get across quickly. Hook your audience within the first sentence because chances are, they might not even get to your second. Think of it as reading in an F shape.

Your reader will probably be engaged and read the first paragraph, then a little less in the second and might not even get to the third, unless you grab their attention early.

Did you make it this far? I hope so. Let’s continue.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience has to be one of the most important parts of copywriting. You need to style your writing to resonate with each crowd. If your audience is targeted well, short specific copy will enable your message to be received much easier. A 20 year old doesn’t have the same concerns as a 50 year old, so knowing who to target with your message is imperative.

Think about what makes them happy, sad, mad, joyful etc. Then, think about problems they might face. This will invoke emotion and enable your copy to give them a solution to their issue. 

Make Every Word Count

Gone are the days where long newspaper articles grace the cover. You’ll notice it’s no more than 2-3 words. You need to value each word you type. Portraying a point with as little information enables your reader to gain as much knowledge, without having to do much work.

Words are a powerful tool. So why not use them to power your copy? Be strict on your work and take out words that you think aren’t shocking your reader into action. Reduce wordy sentences, rip out any vague nouns that clutter your work and you’ll see the difference.

Don’t Be Afraid

Sometimes there are rules you need to adhere to. Other times you need to leave them be and be as personal as possible. A reader will feel much more connected if they can relate to what they are reading. So don’t pretend to be someone else, write like you’re speaking to your reader face to face.

Some of the most memorable copy written has bent the rules to the extreme. This doesn’t mean you need to find the most outrageous statement, it just means you should have some fun while writing. In fact, you have to.

Be Memorable

You remember the ads that resonate the most with you don’t you? Remember those catchy sayings that you see all around the place. They’re short, sharp and memorable. If you’re able to capture your audience in this way, you’re onto a winner.

Think of some of the best slogans you’ve seen. “Just do It”, “I’m lovin’ it” etc. They are catchy and you know exactly who they belong to. That’s the ultimate goal when writing your copy. That your customers remember.

There are many different styles and ways you can capture your audience. Really, it comes down to honing in on your target market and making them feel emotion when reading your copy.


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