Beat The Mid Year Slump


Our brains are almost mush. I get it, you're freezing cold with the glare of the sun in your eyes and several layers of clothing on. You are genuinely miserable. Then the sniffles start and things are looking even worse...

We then have a business to run and stay motivated, not only for our staff but for our clients as well. This can be quite difficult while the winter blues are resting upon our shoulders. But rest assured, it isn't all bleak. Here are some of Modern Visual's top tips for staying positive and showing the mid year slump who's the boss:

Warmer weather isn't too far away...

In only two and a half months, we should really start to see some warmer weather. That is just over 1/3 of the time it has taken us to get to this point.. hang in there! Try and go for a walk when you can during the day (weather permitting). Spending the entire day indoors can actually add to the effect of misery that winter portrays.

Start to plan out your next six months

We still have a whole half left for 2017 so it's crucial that right now we plan out the next six months and what this may look like for your business. This could be a sales strategy, online strategy or even a strategic social media plan. Don't forget cash flow projections! Anything that will count towards growing your business or providing float for quiet holidays is really crucial to your ongoing success.

Set some solid goals for your business

It almost feels like we are holding onto a speed boat and our grip is becoming loose. Let go of the speed boat, take a chill pill and have a good hard think about the things that you actually want to achieve. It is so easy to get tied up in day to day micro tasks and activities that you forget the big picture... Write down some goals for 30 minutes with some tangible answers as to how you will meet your goals and with solid timelines.

Be prepared for the Christmas break

Depending on your type of business whether its B2B or B2C (Google if you do not know what this means), you will need to start preparing now for the Christmas break. This includes: ensuring you have a nice pool of funds to cover costs if you shut down or majority of customers go away on holidays, start to book your company Christmas party and don't forget to ensure you can give your family a great Christmas.

Eradicate mid year doom and gloom

Everybody in the business including yourself and staff are most likely clapped out from working your butts off for 6 months straight. You could organise a staff lunch or dinner in a social setting to reset the clock or boost morale. Another thing to consider is having fruit delivered for your staff. This is extremely cost effective and is generally appreciated highly (plus adds some new colour to the office or warehouse).

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